Focus on New Beginnings

English & Canadian Culture

Support for english and Canadian learning

Focus on New Beginnings is a program that assists newcomers and their children to connect with others, learn about Canadian culture, and learn to speak English. It provides support to them while they go through adjustments in the new culture, deal with health issues, and gives them an opportunity to share their fears and anxiety. Arabic interpreter is provided to facilitate communications.

We strive to work together to build a better community…to create a safe “haven” for women which we can all learn from each other, where our race is unimportant, but we are joined as friends in a trusting relationship. We honour the past histories and experiences we have all had and we work together to improve and understand our health, wellness and place in the community, and establish positive bonds and relationships here in Canada. We foster growing together and learning from each other as we share our cultures and our values, in a non-judgmental and safe setting. We learn with intention, encouraging each other to grow and share through a variety of ways, including sharing resources, language, games, food, fun and much more!

The common thread that unites us together is: we are all so grateful to be here in Canada and call Canada “OUR HOME”! We all feel so fortunate to be able to come together and share with such a special group of brave and talented women!

Sunnyside Public School on Mondays – year round. 

Canadian Language & Culture

Learn and grow with support, guidance, and patience in several languages.


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