New Federal Funding Received


We are pleased and honored to announce that Focus for Ethnic Women (FEW) has been selected to receive a capacity building grant from the Department of Women and Gender equality (formerly Status of Women Canada), to support the Dynamic Development and Delivery of Local Programming for Visible Minority and Immigrant Women, in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.    

This grant of $ 198, 232 over the next four years will support strategic capacity building within our organization. These funds will assist with capacity building by strengthening our governing Board, fostering partnerships and collaborations, strategizing fundraising, and strategically establishing a sustainable and evidence based organization.   

The Canadian Government awarded the grant for Dynamic Development and Delivery of Local Programming for Visible Minority and Immigrant Women through a competitive application and review process. We are proud to acknowledge that the purpose of this grant is consistent with our values and FEW’s mandate and will support and strengthen us to deliver even stronger programs in the future.

Focus for Ethnic Women is a community organization that strives to support female immigrants in particular. The founding members of Focus desired to create an organization that supported the holistic nature of women’s needs, including their physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs. Over its 33 year history, FEW has invested in creating safe spaces for immigrant women to feel personal empowerment while enhancing their self-esteem. Our programs focus on skill development, social interaction, and much more!

 This grant will also allow FEW to  establish positive collaboration with other women organizations in our region to promote dialogue and inclusion, collective or strategic alliances and partnerships for social advocacy.

Picture of Our Mission

Our Mission

To support women in the Waterloo Region by providing a nurturing, culturally sensitive environment that builds self-esteem, social networks, employment related skills and connections to meaningful employment.